Wired exists to expertly connect you to the world beyond.

There’s a large and wonderful world beyond our physical living and working spaces. The world is far more connected them ever before, and yet the barriers to getting you and your business conected are still too high. WIRED bridges the gap

Get a Unique Address

Are you a Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail email user?
Why not get an email address that gives your business a professional image?
Put your business in front of the world with a simple email address change, and invite the world to your business.

Go Global

There are over 2 billion people using the internet all over the world, from computers and from phones.
Can they find your business if they wanted to?
Do you have a home on the internet?
Are you able to mingle with your potential customers?

Brand Your Email

How many emails do you send every day for your business?
Does your email standout?
Does your email tell you which of your products and services your customers are interested in?
Does your email sell your business while you sleep?
Why not use intelligent email branding to smarten up your email.

Sell Online

The internet is the world's most massive mall with low admission rates for your store.
And guess what ... this store never closes! Do you have presence on the internet?
Can your customers place orders for your goods or services at any time from anywhere?
Do you want to wake up to your new customer orders already on your phone?
And if you are selling goods we will process payments for you and even deliver your products.

Get Listed

ExplainerDC runs the oldest and largest digital directory service in Ghana - YellowPages Ghana.
Be there when your customers are searching on the web or in our mobile applications.
One of our customers became one of the largest poultry farms selling hundreds of thousands of eggs every month through their free Yellow Pages listing.
Simply get the free listing or purchase an ad to make your business even more prominent.

Build Social Capital

Expand your reach. Get more from incredible networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With our wired expertise, we can help you grow your reach exponentially.

Get Found

Can you be found?
Make sure you can be FOUND on google Our search engine optimisation service places your website in Google and other places so that people who look for information about your website can find you.

Get Talked About

Are you getting the news out?
Have you done something recently that you didn’t tell anyone about?
Who is shouting it out for you? ….
Call WIRED to get it out to your loyal customers and even better, your soon to be customers

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